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We have relocated our Corporate Headquarters to a more centralized location within the Chicago area.

Maurice Bonamigo & Associates
400 North McClurg Ct.
Suite 1610
Chicago, IL. 606011

Maurice Bonamigo
President & CEO
O) 312-527-2880
C) 312-402-3797
Mary Ann Bonamigo
Vice President of International Affairs
O) 312-527-2880
C) 312-402-3798

Maurice Bonamigo & Associates is proud and welcomes our newest Associates in these Nations.

Ahmed Raji
Vice President of Political Affairs Nigeria
O. 0818-413-6109
C. 0806-856-0256
Ibrahim Magdy Hussein
Vice President of  Political Affairs Egypt
O. 201-01439645
Roger Bosh Bope
Vice President of Political Affairs Congo
O. 00243-822-540-758
Cynthia Petcoff
Vice President of Political Affairs in Latin America
C) 54 3764 512 492
Shrikant Chandrawanshi
Vice President of Political Affairs India
O) 91 020 67521352
C) 91 9970125000


Look for new offices to open in Europe and Latin America in 2012

Please feel free to contact any one of our newest associates regarding any political interests or campaigns. If you have any questions or comments, please fill out the Contact Us form below. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you

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